Running out of ideas to spend your days during lockdown?

In times where you need to stay indoors with kids, family members or room mates, it can be tough to not get bored or to go on each others' nerves. This list helps you to come up with ideas on how to spend your time together as well as alone.

Stay Strong Together

Activities to activate your senses, get creative, move your body, occupy your mind, develop yourself, safely socialize with others, practice self-care or spread kindness

How it works

  • Get new ideas

    Print out the document & tick off the boxes together with your family member(s), partners or friends to find common activities to try out.

  • Cut out your LIKES & TRIES

    Put them in a jar, shake it & pull out a new activity when you are bored. Plan your day add some fun to your daily necessary routines.

  • Share with your Friends

    Like & Share this free online class on Social Media or via email so your colleagues, friends & family members have something nice to do too.


5 star rating


James Powell

Very creative and fun idea to cheer up lazy days

Very creative and fun idea to cheer up lazy days

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